2020 Advent Giveaway

UPDATE - Our 2 winners have been selected using random number and have been contacted and have their Advent Kits already in the post

Congratulations go to Nicole and Melissa we hope you both love your Advent Kits

Thanks to everyone who entered we wish you all a better end to this year than what the past has provided and look forward to what 2021 brings

This year has been ***** for all so we thought we would help the year end on a high for 2 lucky people

The pic is just a distraction and will not be found in our Advents

For your chance to grab either a Jekyll or Hyde Advent which is not quite perfect (some minis are underweight) then tell us as a comment on this blog post which set you would like, your ideal base (from those we have listed for the Advents) and what you would make.

We will pick 1 lucky recipient for each kit after the giveaway closes on the 6th November at Midnight UK time

So what you waiting for why not post a comment or nominate a friend for a chance to win.

Your email used to post a comment will only be used for contacting you if you win and will not be stored for any other purpose.

October 28, 2020 — Michelle Idiens



Jean said:

What a generous giveaway. Hyde on Hybrid for a shawl would be wonderful. Thank you.


Charlotte said:

I’d go for stellar as a bit of sparkle at Christmas is always great! Either advent sounds awesome- stellar for the stellar theme of Jekyll could be fun 🤩

Pascale Desmet

Pascale Desmet said:

I would love Jeckyll on Symbiosis, I’m an astrophysics PhD so a Hertzspung-Russell diagram fade kit would be so fitting, also fade kits look amazing in general, can’t wait to see them!

Jane Tredinnick

Jane Tredinnick said:

I would love to win either of these on a sock base. It’s a fantastic giveaway so thanks for the opportunity 😊

Vanessa Hubbard

Vanessa Hubbard said:

I would love Jekyll on DK, but I wouldn’t be fussy and would accept whatever the prize was, because all the options are amazing.

Sharron Burridge

Sharron Burridge said:

Baryon in jekyll please and am obsessed with sock knitting 🧶 am working through 52 weeks of socks 🧦


Chloe said:

Ooooh. I’d go Hyde please


Laura said:

I think the jekyll sounds lovely. I adore fades, I would make a sweater for my daughter on any fingering base.


Simon said:

My wife would absolutely love to win this – she was hoping to purchase one this year, but missed out on ordering in time. This old really cheese her up after a rubbish year and she’d be bound to make something fabulous with it.

Stephanie wyres

Stephanie wyres said:

Eeek what an amazing giveaway ! Either colourway would be amazing on stellar please 🥰 ✨ 🤞

Ann Brants

Ann Brants said:

I’d love to knit another Habitation Throw in a Hyde advent on a Baryon base!


Becky said:

I’d nominate my mum to win. She’s had a tough year with an operation cancelled twice. It will hopefully happen in the new year and she could do with some yarn to knit with in recovery. I think Jekyll on Stella to make a cardigan


Becky said:

I’d nominate my mum to win. She’s had a tough year with an operation cancelled twice. It will hopefully happen in the new year and she could do with some yarn to knit with in recovery. I think Jekyll on Stella to make a cardigan


Janet said:

Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway, Jekyll on Stellar to make either a shawl or the Radvent Cardi. I love gradients and stellina.


Michelle said:

Hmm…A Jekyll on Stellar to make a faded cardi, perhaps? Let’s face it, either option on any base would be awesome!

Wishing you all the best during second lockdown (which isn’t a patch on second breakfast).

Tanya Palmer

Tanya Palmer said:

You guys are awesome. Would love the Jekyll set

Maurine Johnson

Maurine Johnson said:

I would make Woolsia—might have to add to it but that’s OK. Any base is OK with me—Jekyll is good but either is fine.

Kathy Finerfrock

Kathy Finerfrock said:

Jekyll on Fractal-all are lovely.

Linda Stowell

Linda Stowell said:

Beautiful colors no matter what. Would love to win. Don”t worry, it would be put to good use.

Marie E Langholf

Marie E Langholf said:

I’m new here but would love to try Stellar!

Gail M

Gail M said:

Jekyll in Hybrid would be wonderful! I would make a big beautiful shawl. Thanks!

Louise Miller

Louise Miller said:

I would love the Jekyll advent in Hybrid and I wouldmake a big squishy crochet shawl to snuggle up in on cold winter nights!


Contessa said:

What a lovely and generous giveaway 😍! Hyde on Hybrid for a shawl would be wonderful.


Hannah said:

I have already bought one of your fabulous Advent calendars, but I’d love to win one for my amazing friend Melissa. She has limited funds as she is disabled, but tries not to let that restrict her normally. Due to her health problems she has either been home or at work (in a converted garage building up her husband’s business) since March. Despite this she never complains and her kindness is infectious.
She loves to crochet although she is only partially sighted, and would be delighted with whatever she received.


Jozef said:

I’d love Hyde kit on a Hybrid base as my sister would be able to turn that into the most awesome shawl.

Helen M

Helen M said:

What a lovely, generous giveaway. I would love the Hyde calendar, in Baryon or Symbiosis. I think I would make a snuggly jumper. But anything would be fab x


Kelly said:

So generous! Nice way to finish off such a stressful year.


Juliette said:

I would love Jekyll on DK, as I don’t have any fade DK sets! I both knit & crochet, and would make some sort of poncho, because I love ponchos, and think a fade one would be awesome.


Andrea said:

Something good this year! Please enter me. I’d love Jekyll on the Hybrid base or Symbiosis base.


sharon said:

Either in fractal! But honestly, anything would be amazing.

Christine Harrison

Christine Harrison said:

I love to be entered for giveat!


Gemma said:

I would love either in DK! Thank you for doing a giveaway!


Kait said:

I would love any kit – they are beautiful. Knitting helps me to relax and I like to knit in the evenings to unwind from the day!


Kat said:

What a wonderful giveaway! I’d love Hyde on symbiosis base, either 4 ply or DK. I’d make lots of teeny tiny socks and mitts for my sisters newborn baby who’s unfortunately in nicu just now ❤️


Veerle said:

What an awesome giveaway! I’d have to pick the Hyde kit on a Hybrid base, ‘anything goes’ has kind of been my motto while knitting lately. I would probably use it to knit a shawl, possibly the Painting Bricks shawl that I’ve promised my brother I would make for him ages ago, or maybe a sweater for myself? I’m not entirely sure just yet, there’s so many things I want to knit, but what I do know is that it would be bold and colourful! :D


Ali said:

I’m love Hyde on DK. I’d make lots of mini amigurumi, probably along an underwater theme…


Marieke said:

Thank you for your generous giveaway. I’d be very happy with any prize. I took a look at your bases and they’re all so wonderful. I love bfl and also mixed bases.

Deborah Mindick

Deborah Mindick said:

Hello! what a fun giveaway! I am partial to DK but honestly, I would love anything! Your yarn is so beautiful and I am sure whomever is lucky – they will be happy! Best to all~

Rose Appleby

Rose Appleby said:

What a great competition! I’d love the DK Symbiosis base with the Hyde colourway :)

Shelby Anderson

Shelby Anderson said:

I would love either i think there both fab, i happily work in any weight, but would love something to wip up socks in, nothing better than a hand made pair of socks

Joyce Gravino

Joyce Gravino said:

I would love either kit in stellar. Both sound fun to knit or crochet. I do both.

Sherry Cassilly

Sherry Cassilly said:

Wow! It is things like this that make this year bearable. I would love Jekyll in any sock base – I’m not picky and I love using fingering weight yarn.

Jennifer Sinfelt

Jennifer Sinfelt said:

I would love Hyde on any base that you have availability with my top choice being hybrid.


Claire said:

I would love either colour scheme on Symbiosis twist. Or anything. I found all the calendars sold out when I first visited and I was hoping for a spare… I think your colours are truly witty. Thanks

Geoff Seymour

Geoff Seymour said:

Hyde and Fractal I think! And then I would work them into some shawl pattern that works with mini’s – I have a a few that require them!

Kay Runciman

Kay Runciman said:

Love your yarn! What a generous offer. I would be happy with either color. I would knit an advent shawl. Thank you!

Victoria Sills

Victoria Sills said:

I’m intrigued by the periodic table Hyde in the hybrid base. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about your yarns.

Kassia Fultz

Kassia Fultz said:

Oooooh what a generous giveaway! I would love either advent in any base – Fractal would be my choice (love MCN). I would make either a shawl or throw.

Ruth Buchanan

Ruth Buchanan said:

I have managed to miss out on advent calendars this year so I would love to win one!


Lesley said:

How nice of you to do this! I would love Jekyll on Stellar as it would be awesome for a fade shawl.

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