2020 Advent Giveaway

UPDATE - Our 2 winners have been selected using random number and have been contacted and have their Advent Kits already in the post

Congratulations go to Nicole and Melissa we hope you both love your Advent Kits

Thanks to everyone who entered we wish you all a better end to this year than what the past has provided and look forward to what 2021 brings

This year has been ***** for all so we thought we would help the year end on a high for 2 lucky people

The pic is just a distraction and will not be found in our Advents

For your chance to grab either a Jekyll or Hyde Advent which is not quite perfect (some minis are underweight) then tell us as a comment on this blog post which set you would like, your ideal base (from those we have listed for the Advents) and what you would make.

We will pick 1 lucky recipient for each kit after the giveaway closes on the 6th November at Midnight UK time

So what you waiting for why not post a comment or nominate a friend for a chance to win.

Your email used to post a comment will only be used for contacting you if you win and will not be stored for any other purpose.

October 28, 2020 — Michelle Idiens



Lauren said:

What a wonderful thing to do! I would love the Jekyll in Symbiosis – I’ve been wanting to do a fade shawl for ages.

Trudi Tilley

Trudi Tilley said:

I’m totally up for some Hyde socks on Symbiosis! Anything goes is my kinda style.

Kelly Galvin

Kelly Galvin said:

I LOVE your yarn!!! I would enjoy Jekyll on Hybrid. I might use it for a shawl or sweater arms.

Shellie Fry

Shellie Fry said:

How very kind of you !!
Thank you for the opportunity
I would love Jekyll on Hybrid

Ingrid Linck

Ingrid Linck said:

I would like a Jekyll.. Stellar or Symbiosis.. I’m a crazy sock and cowl knitter. I would certainly make one of them :)


Lucy said:

What an awesome thing to do, so first of all thank you for doing it.
Id have to say Hyde on the dk base(don’t remember the name) and I would most likely crochet a blanket for my son since he loves anything colourful

Melisa F

Melisa F said:

I’d love Jekyll on any sock base!


Em said:

Ahh either but Hyde on singularity or stellar or symbiosis! I’d make a big snuggly shawl-blanket

Rachel Humpert

Rachel Humpert said:

Hello! I would pick the Stellar or Symbiosis bases for either advent and I just purchased the perfect pattern to make with them – it’s the Seedlings Greetings shawl from Skeinanigans.

Mette Tranter

Mette Tranter said:

Wow, wonderful give away. I would love Hyde on symbiosis (or other sock bases) as I would like to make some jazzy hiking socks to keep my feet comfortable and colourful while walking my local hills in Scotland. You def need something to keep you cheerful at the moment.


Jade said:

I’d love a Jekyll on Symbiosis (knit version) please. I’m saving up minis for a Northeasterly blanket at the moment but I’m also excited to check out the pattern that comes with it!

Amber Jet

Amber Jet said:

It is actually a little difficult to choose! I would love to try Jekyll, as I have never tried a gradient project before, but my Mad Scientist Chemist boyfriend would be super excited if I knit him something based on the Periodic Table, so Hyde would be awesome! Either the Hybrid or Symbiosis base.

Sarah P

Sarah P said:

Either on anything 😅 If I had to choose, I’d go Hyde on Hybrid. I would make a Westknits Pengweeno for my baby for Christmas.


Corinna said:

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! Hide on Hybrid would be great for the Adventuresome Wrap which I’m planning to knit this year.

Sandra Gannon

Sandra Gannon said:

I’d like Hyde in Symbiosis. I have a niece and nephew it would be so nice to make gifts for. My niece especially loves bright and colourful socks

Jill Peterson

Jill Peterson said:

I’d love Hyde on Symbiosis!

Therese Haywood

Therese Haywood said:

I would like Hyde on Fractal


Jazmine said:

This is so cool! Jekyll or hyde on your symbiosis base would be perfect for socks or even a blanket. So hard to choose.

Mary B

Mary B said:

Hyde in hybrid would make lots of lovely things. Maybe a shawl.

Marlene B

Marlene B said:

Jekyll on hybrid would make a beautiful shawl or sweater! 🥰


M said:

What a cool giveaway! I would be interested in Jekyll in Hybrid, and I think I would design a large wrap or tubular cowl to go with it. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

Betty T

Betty T said:

Beautiful and thank you for hosting this generous giveaway! I would love Stellar in Jekyll kit. Thank you!


Noa said:

I love your yarns and am SO sad that I missed this one. Would absolutely love to get one of these but would also love to nominate my friend Franchesca Josephine to receive one of these!

Kate Weber

Kate Weber said:

Love your yarn. Beautiful colors. I would love to use Jekyll in nice Shaw to whip up in these cool evenings we are experiencing.


Sam said:

I adore your yarn and would love to win one of your advents
I would have to say I think I would choose Jekyll on either stellar because I love your stellar base or symbiosis because my 5yo son would pick this saying it reminds him of venom and carnage who are symbiotic aliens 😊


Sam said:

I adore your yarn and would love to win one of your advents
I would have to say I think I would choose Jekyll on either stellar because I love your stellar base or symbiosis because my 5yo son would pick this saying it reminds him of venom and carnage who are symbiotic aliens 😊

Amy w

Amy w said:

I would love jeckyll on symbiosis as a physics teacher in secondary school. This would really keep me going through this very strange half term.


Sherry said:

Jekyll on fractal for dreamy wonderful socks. Thanks!


Nancy said:

I would love Jekyll on the Stellar base!


VictoriaPuffin said:

I’d love the hyde on stellar and I’d probably make 24 crochet baubles using the pattern from Made by Penguins.

Daisy Swaffer

Daisy Swaffer said:

I would love to have Jekyll on Hybrid and I would make an epic fade jumper 😍


Angela said:

Hello! I would definitely choose Hyde on Symbiosis and the first thing I would make would be a sweater and maybe a matching hat if there’s enough yarn. I’ve always wanted to crochet a sweater.


Madeleine said:

I have to pick the Jekyll version because of the astrophysics connection. It would be on Stellar, obvs! – and I’d make Celestarium by Audry Nicklin. Thanks for chance to win an Advent kit. I really couldn’t afford to buy one.


Eva said:

I’d go for the Hyde version on Baryon and I’d make a scarf or shawl out of it! I’m into anything goes so it would be a perfect match :)

Jennifer Lake

Jennifer Lake said:

This is so generous of you! I’d love either Jekyll or Hyde. I love the books too. If I have to pick I’d go for Jekyll over Hyde. I was always hoping Jekyll would win! Singularity or Hybrid would be ideal for me 😊 thank you for the opportunity

Tina (@hookybop)

Tina (@hookybop) said:

Both advents sound awesome, but I think Hyde would be my fave as I like a random explosion of colour. My preferred base would be hybrid as it sounds like it would feel amazing. I would like to make a large shawl to show off all the lovely colours 😊 thanks for offering such a generous and fab giveaway x


Kathie581 said:

Your yarn is beautiful! I would love a Jekyll or Hyde in Fractal 4 ply. OR whatever you decide! Thank you for your generous giveaway!

Mandy Hague

Mandy Hague said:

I would love to receive either of these kits as they sound amazing. I love to knit and love buying and worshipping yarn lol.

Janet Steadman

Janet Steadman said:

I’d love to be able to gift a Jekyll DK set to my crocheting friend Jane who has been a complete rock this year. He son is a science student so I’m sure she’d love making something for him with H-R colours!


Eve said:

I would love Jekyll on Symbiosis 🥰 thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

Shelly Walker

Shelly Walker said:

Thank you for this great contest! I’d be interested in Jekyll or Hyde in Hybrid or Symbiosis… they both sound amazing!

Birgit Schlechte

Birgit Schlechte said:

I would love the Hyde on either basis. Thank you for your generosity!

Penny Johns

Penny Johns said:

I would love either base! Thank you for sharing your beautiful yarn!


Jan said:

I would love the Hyde in any base! Such beautiful yarn’

shelley krueger

shelley krueger said:

Jekyll on the hybrid would work for me. Fades are wonderful.


Rita said:

Jekyll on Symbiosis would make any Ambah shawl outta this world.

Sandi Vandervoort

Sandi Vandervoort said:

I would love a Jekyll set on the Symbiosis base. I would use it to make a Habitation Throw. It’s a lovely pattern – very relaxing. Exactly what we all need right now!


Kaat said:

This is such a kind and generous offer! I’d love the Hyde kit in the Hybrid base, for a shawl.

Jamye Swinford

Jamye Swinford said:

I would love Jekyll in Symbiosis. I’m gathering Advent project ideas now!

Lennette Daniels

Lennette Daniels said:

I would love Hyde in Hybrid! I would make the Adventure Wrap.

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