2020 Advent Giveaway

UPDATE - Our 2 winners have been selected using random number and have been contacted and have their Advent Kits already in the post

Congratulations go to Nicole and Melissa we hope you both love your Advent Kits

Thanks to everyone who entered we wish you all a better end to this year than what the past has provided and look forward to what 2021 brings

This year has been ***** for all so we thought we would help the year end on a high for 2 lucky people

The pic is just a distraction and will not be found in our Advents

For your chance to grab either a Jekyll or Hyde Advent which is not quite perfect (some minis are underweight) then tell us as a comment on this blog post which set you would like, your ideal base (from those we have listed for the Advents) and what you would make.

We will pick 1 lucky recipient for each kit after the giveaway closes on the 6th November at Midnight UK time

So what you waiting for why not post a comment or nominate a friend for a chance to win.

Your email used to post a comment will only be used for contacting you if you win and will not be stored for any other purpose.

October 28, 2020 — Michelle Idiens



Katlyn said:

I’d love the Hyde collection in Hybrid base. Lots of random colors is my thing, and I would make a crazy shawl or really colorful sweater! Thank you for the chance!


Kimberlie said:

This is a wonderful idea! I totally agree about this year, and how it’s gone so far. I love fades, so the Jekyll advent is the one I would love to try with your hybrid or singularity base. Thanks for the giveaway, whether I win or not!

Eleanor Price

Eleanor Price said:

What an awesome giveaway! Especially after such a downer of a year x


Nicole said:

What a great idea! I would love to see Mr. Hyde.


Jillian said:

Oh man. I’d love a Hyde set to make the Radvent Throw, especially in Stellar!

Lizzie Hooper

Lizzie Hooper said:

What a fab idea! I’d love to win an advent calendar and make something beautiful with it.

Christine Wilkins

Christine Wilkins said:

I’d love to win Hyde on Hybrid. I’d make a shawl


Ember said:

This is a wonderful idea. They Hyde in Hybrid would be amazing. :) Thanks for the opportunity of a giveaway.


Naomi said:

Wow what an awesome giveaway! I’d love the Jekyll on a 4 ply, symbiosis is my favourite. I’d probably make a lightweight jumper

Ann Hart

Ann Hart said:

I would love to have my name in for a chance to win a Hyde set in any of your bases to knit a gift one of Ambah’s Radvent Throws. Thanks for such a generous opportunity.


Nicola said:

I would love a Hyde on symbiosis. I would love to make a nice snuggly shawl

Sharon Millard

Sharon Millard said:

Jekyll and Hyde weren’t perfect …. but any thing made out of their yarn would be perfect 🤪

Sharon Millard

Sharon Millard said:

Jekyll and Hyde weren’t perfect …. but any thing made out of their yarn would perfect 🤪

Debra Eagle

Debra Eagle said:

Thank you- very kind!
It would be lovely to receive this. 😊🧶🧶🧶


Whit said:

Wow what a year this has been!
I would love a Hyde and love hybrid weight. Although honestly I would love either Advent and any weight
I would make an Advent shawl

Abigail Ashton

Abigail Ashton said:

What a wonderful giveaway, thank you! I would like to nominate my Mum (Ro Madgett) for a set please, preferably the Jekyll on Stellar fingering. I think she’d crochet a stunning shawl for herself :) Your yarns are so incredible I know she’d love it! So sorry to hear of your extra difficult year x

Cat Treadwell

Cat Treadwell said:

Mr Hyde on Stellar here – glad you’re both ok, hoping next year is a bit more Jekyll than Hyde! x


Jo` said:

Hi, I would nominate my friend Eva Christie. First off Eva is a badass, she has provided me with unparalleled support and friendship in what has been a challenging year for all of us. But doing this, whilst having to adapt and evolve her own business makes it even more wonderful. Eva loves making blankets, so she would use all this yarn lovingly.

Cheryl Malcolm

Cheryl Malcolm said:

I would love to win a Jekyl kit on dk base. But I love everything you guys make do anything win from you guys will be amazing! I love your black light and Uv yarns!

Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Maxwell said:

I would like to nominate my niece Lauren for a Hyde singularity Advent set.

Jenny Engelbrektsson

Jenny Engelbrektsson said:

As you said, the year has been worse than rough, sorry to hear about your loss. I as well have gotten a new dog, this one is a rehomed one. Fingers crossed.

Mandy Liddell

Mandy Liddell said:

Wow! What a giveaway!

Beccie Snow

Beccie Snow said:

I would love to win the Hyde set on Symbiosis – I think it would make an amazing Radvent cardigan!!

Vanessa Horn

Vanessa Horn said:

I would like to nominate Steph Wyres for a giveaway please. 😀


Katdna said:

Mr Hyde in Stellar please. And I knit a sweater with this as stripes


Katherine said:

I love seeing your yarn and how you link it to science (dyeing is absolutely a science)

Ruth Iliffe

Ruth Iliffe said:

I would love to make my nephew a Stephen West Pengweeno, using the singularity base (he’s only little and we need to be practical) and if I had any left over I would use it to make him some longhies.

Sally Rhodes

Sally Rhodes said:

Not been lucky enough to get to any shows for your yarns this year so would LOVE to win any kind of advent calendar to brighten up this rubbish year!


Remi said:

I would totally make a pullover (or maybe a cardi.. but i am generally a pullover kinda person) with the Hyde minis.

No fade here – we mix like Mad Scientists.

.. different bases would just mean the mixing would have a different structure. Linen stitch vs tiny stripes vs colorwork.

Alison Kennicutt

Alison Kennicutt said:

<3 !!!

Claire Calver

Claire Calver said:

What a lovely idea! An imperfect advent would still be perfect for me 😊

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