2020 Advent Giveaway

UPDATE - Our 2 winners have been selected using random number and have been contacted and have their Advent Kits already in the post

Congratulations go to Nicole and Melissa we hope you both love your Advent Kits

Thanks to everyone who entered we wish you all a better end to this year than what the past has provided and look forward to what 2021 brings

This year has been ***** for all so we thought we would help the year end on a high for 2 lucky people

The pic is just a distraction and will not be found in our Advents

For your chance to grab either a Jekyll or Hyde Advent which is not quite perfect (some minis are underweight) then tell us as a comment on this blog post which set you would like, your ideal base (from those we have listed for the Advents) and what you would make.

We will pick 1 lucky recipient for each kit after the giveaway closes on the 6th November at Midnight UK time

So what you waiting for why not post a comment or nominate a friend for a chance to win.

Your email used to post a comment will only be used for contacting you if you win and will not be stored for any other purpose.

October 28, 2020 — Michelle Idiens



Kathie said:

I’d LOVE to win your gorgeous yarn…My wish would be to receive the Hyde in the Hybrid base…and I’d definitely knit an Ambah wrap. Her patterns are AMAZING!!!!!

Jeanine Hughes

Jeanine Hughes said:

I would love Jekyll on any base. I’d probably choose an Advent pattern to take advantage of the fade.

Aimee Knerr

Aimee Knerr said:

What a lovely giveaway! I would choose Hyde on a Hybrid base, ideally, but any would be fun! xo!

Heather Mallady

Heather Mallady said:

I would love a Hyde in Hybrid and I would make the ADVENTurous wrap.

Donna Cutler

Donna Cutler said:

I’m a Jeckyll… Please any base will be so appreciated! It will definitely turn into an Ambah shawl for sure.

Linda Blythe

Linda Blythe said:

Knitting helps me destress. I’m living in Philadelphia just 2 days before the election. I’ve got constant helicopters buzzing overhead to cover the protests. There’s one up there right now and it’s 9 in the morning.


Valerie said:

This is such a great giveaway! I would love Jekyll in Hybrid or Stellar. I would make a shawl or some socks for my son and I. He loves all the colors you can get with the hand dyed yarns. Every time I make myself something, I have to make another for him.

Lisa N

Lisa N said:

I would love Hyde in any base! I would make a lovely shawl that highlights all the beautiful colors!

Cheryl Clemons

Cheryl Clemons said:

I don’t have a preference

Judith Blumenthal

Judith Blumenthal said:

So many changes this year, the world is in a state of chaos, the virus, back to work after being retired, less time to knit, winter coming and not seeing my grandkids for over a year! I desperately need something to look forward to. Thank you for your kind offer.


Judy said:

Would love a Hyde in the hybrid base. Itching to knit a woolsia shawl!

Ella Soikkeli

Ella Soikkeli said:

Jekyll on singularity, a wrap or a sweater for my goddauguter.

Claire Coulter

Claire Coulter said:

I’d love a Hyde on the baryon base. Expecting a new addition at the start of next year. Playing with random minis would be a great way to get through the long, sleepless nights.

Sally B

Sally B said:

Jekyll on Hybrid! Likely a sweater or shawl. 😃

Jennifer Dooley

Jennifer Dooley said:

Hi and thanks for this amazing giveaway first of all. I’d love the Hyde kit in your stellar base for a bit more sparkle in my life. I’ve recently started knitting on top of crocheting and I’ve seen some amazing knitting advent patterns this year that I’d love to try ❤. Failing that, I’d knit loads of scrappy socks with the beautiful mini skeins. Thank you again.

Andrea Berg

Andrea Berg said:

It’s a full moon , and I’m going to cast on a new SPELL 🧙🏾 It contained yarns and needles. It will be amazing!!! But I’m short in yarn 🧶 help help . Please send me some yarn.

Suzie Le Cheminant

Suzie Le Cheminant said:

What a cool thing to do for someone! I’d pick Jekyll on hybrid and make my mother a Kentia Wrap.


Laurie said:

Gee I’m leaning toward Hyde just because it’s an anything goes one. But either is marvelous. First pick is stellar for the sparkle.

Debora D Buskey

Debora D Buskey said:

Hyde on a hybrid base for a fade shawl.

Susan Butler

Susan Butler said:

Jekyll, hmmm… my mind is currently wandering toward the Butterfly/Papillion shawl. I would have to purchase a solid skein, but I am imaging all the little pops of colour a mini would give that kind of shawl…. delicious!


Jemma said:

Jekyll on singularity sounds dreamy. I would like to make a wrap, perhaps Ambah’s radvent wrap, to hold some comfort in such a difficult year.

cathy chow

cathy chow said:

Hyde on the Hybrid base sounds like a good combination for Ambah’s radvent collection of patterns

Elaine Froneberger

Elaine Froneberger said:

Hyde on Hybrid. It sounds so wonderful my needles are itching to knit it into a wrap for the winter months!

Whitney Karp

Whitney Karp said:

You are so kind to bring a little brightness into 2020! My son is just learning about the periodic table in school, so I would definitely go with Hyde, probably on the Hybrid base (but they are all great!). If I win, I will use it on one of Ambah O’Brien’s Advent patterns. (I think this year will be the new Radvent Throw or the Adventuresome shawl.) I’m excited for December 1 to arrive!

Megan boyd

Megan boyd said:

I’d love the Jekyll base in symbiosis double knitting to knit an advent shawl. Thanks for the opportunity


Helen said:

I would love the Jekyll on Baryon base to make an Adventurer Cowl and Kentia Hat.


Caroline said:

I almost don’t want to enter, because I did get a beautiful set of skeins in the yarn fund project. I’m polishing my newfound knitting skills a little more before turning it into a fade shawl.

IF I could pick, it would have to be Jekyll and Hybrid, and a very special project I would search out to suit the yarn. Most of the Tunisian patterns at Aklori Designs are written specifically to be worked as a fade, so I’d probably start there :)

Chris P

Chris P said:

I would love to receive one of these sets

Sue G

Sue G said:

I would love a Jekyll fade advent kit, because I really want 2020 and Covid to fade away while a craft away at my advent project


Carlita said:

Well, as I studied Chemistry, what else can I choose than Hyde, with the Periodic Table Elements? That sounds like a lot of fun and perfect to make last year’s ADVENTuresome Wrap by Ambah O’Brien. All bases seem perfect to me, but Hybrid would make a truly wonderful wrap.

Rhiannon Ferguson

Rhiannon Ferguson said:

I’d love jekyll in any base and I’d probably make one of your many lovely shawls I have saved, would just need to pick which one I’d buy first, so many to choose from xx


Linda said:

I would love Hyde in any base you have. Thanks so much for this chance to win!


HB said:

Oooh I think it would have to be hybrid, because I can’t resist some luxury! A Hyde pack I think, since I love a bit of unpredictability….and…to make a super snuggly wrap.


Janice said:

If it’s yarn, I’ll love it.

Tehmina Gladman

Tehmina Gladman said:

Ooh, how lovely! I would love the Jekyll Kit in the Hybrid base you’re knit Ambah’s Radvent cardigan.


Sue said:

There are so many amazing patterns for advent kits and I love to make one of them with your yarn.


Dorothy said:

I love the Symbiosis and Hybrid bases. Although l am drawn to the fade of Jekyll, Hyde intrigues me as well. If l win this drawing, l would make a shawl or wrap…possibly Ambah’s latest design…as a gift for my mother’s upcoming 90th birthday.


Lulu said:

Wow! That Jekyll & Hyde is amazing! If only I won, I’d find the best Ambah pattern to match the yarn!
I would like to win!!!


Lulu said:

Wow! That Jekyll & Hyde is amazing! If only I won, I’d find the best Ambah pattern to match the yarn!
I would like to win!!!

Kristen A Kyles

Kristen A Kyles said:

I would love to have the Hyde DK kit on the Symbiosis base. I would use it for Ambah’s Radvent throw.

Amy Crumpton

Amy Crumpton said:

I think Hyde on the dk base would be appropriate for the year. I would love to make a sweater for my daughter who lives in Chicago!


Alexa said:

Jekyll on a Hybrid base would be wonderful! Thanks for the great idea with the giveaway :-) I would knit an Ambah pattern.

Sarah Marks

Sarah Marks said:

Im happy with anything in any base. This year has had many twists and turns and an amazing surprise would be a fabulous finish to the year. If I won id make Ambers advent Cardigan which looks amazing.

Lisa Luft

Lisa Luft said:

I would love the Jekyl in the Hyde base to do a fade shawl or throw for my chair! Thanks for the chance to win!!


Kim said:

I would love the Jekyll advent because I love the fades


Val said:

Would like either one.


Teresa said:

Oh how fun. I’ve love to win a Jekyll kit (fades intrigue me) in they hybrid base. I would knit a shawl, or maybe try for a fade hat & scarf set.


LAURA said:

I’d have to choose the Hyde, since this year has been so unpredictable. In the same spirit, I would have you choose the base,to complete the total randomness of this spectacularly awful year!


Cheryl said:

Thank you so much for sponsoring this. Two people will be overjoyed. I’d love either Jekyll or Hyde in the hybrid base, but truthfully any base would be a joy to have. I’d make one of Ambah’s amazing wraps.


Millie said:

Such a delightful treat! I would love either, but Hyde in fingering would be lovely to make a wrap or cowl.
Thank you!

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