We officially opened our online shop and started this venture a year ago (6th Sept) and can’t believe all that we have achieved and the amount we have managed to raise for all our selected charities

In the last year we have managed to raise a total of £2605 which has been shared between the following charities

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Badger Trust

MIND - The Mental Health Charity

Celia Hammond Animal Trust

In addition which will count towards next years total we have raised a staggering £2000 for MIND from the Advent Calendars themselves

Therefore I think we can say without a doubt that the total for next years charity donations will easily beat this years numbers

As a little thank you to everyone who has made a purchase from us this year and any who buy from us over the weekend we will add your name to a random draw and 1 of you will get a little thank you giftcard to use against anything in our shop now or in the future

So what about the giveaway?

For your chance to win a 12 Days of Xmas Kit with the extra mystery skein and a large project bag please answer the following question in the comments section of this post by Midnight 9th September 2019 BST

What is your favourite colourway and what charity would you like us to consider donating to in the future (Does not need to be UK based)

Your details will only be used to contact you in the event that you are the winner who will be chosen randomly and this is open worldwide

September 06, 2019 — Michelle Idiens



greatminds said:

ye gotta laugh..at least I know I’m still having problem with ‘time’. ;p


greatminds said:

The girls would go crazy over Crystal violet!
I would love The Stroke Foundation of Australia to be considered. Thank you m’lovely… for everything. xo

Dawn Zehr

Dawn Zehr said:

The parallel universe colourway is amazing. I’d love to see donations go to Love 146, which works towards the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation.

Michelle M

Michelle M said:

Beautiful site and wonderful mission. All of your colors are brand new to me, and Blue Vitriol is catching my eye. A charity to consider is ProLiteracy.

Anita Smyth

Anita Smyth said:

Sapphyrin definitely and doctors without borders

Sadaf khan

Sadaf khan said:

I love your Sapphyrin yarn! 😍

I wod choose the Edhi foundation which is based in Pakistan. They carry out amazing work ranging from orphanages, women centers to funeral homes and old age care homes.

Mistress Wolf

Mistress Wolf said:

I am new to your products so I’d love a chance to work with and of your lines they all seem interesting and lend to beauty. I’d make charity donations to either suicide21, wounded warriors or to autism awareness and research.


Carol said:

SAPPHYRIN is gorgeous across the different bases. For charities: Doctors Without Borders, or any food bank.

Grace Sophia

Grace Sophia said:

well, how to pick just one? crystal violet and vitis vinifera are my top two colors, and how about the national indiginous women’s resource center?


Stephanie said:

I like the bioluminescence colorway 😍 I love donating organizations that help provide access to clean drinking water like water.org


Astrid said:

Alliance for choice would be a great charity to support – they campaign for free, safe and legal abortion in Northern Ireland. My favourite colour way (this evening – it changes!) is a close call between Methane and Crystal Violet :-)

Sabrina Dodich

Sabrina Dodich said:

I love both Not your grandma’s plutonium and tachyon stream, so beautiful!.
Cheetah conservation fund they have a higher risk of extinction between the big cats


Catie said:

I love Black Constellations. As for charities, Children’s National Hospital in DC is a great hospital that does miracles for their patients and their families.

Denise Parks

Denise Parks said:

My favourite colourway is Chrystal Violet. Please consider donating to the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Center in Langley BC. The NSO was almost extinct and is now a protected species in North America. Thanks

Nicole Acuna

Nicole Acuna said:

Do androids dream of purple sheep? is my favorite colorway! It’s perfect In every way :)

I would like if you could donate to the American Heart Association, my mother has spent the past 23 years suffering because of lack of research and technology in cardiac surgery and because of 2 failed valve replacements and a stroke, she is now dying from advance congestive heart failure.


Joy said:

I love your Vernal Equinox colourway. I love the way it glows- it’s so beautiful ❤

I’d love the Sophie Lancaster foundation (S.O.P.H.I.E) to be considered as a possible charity. Sophie was sadly murdered in 2007 just for looking different. Her mum is doing a fantastic job in raising awareness in helping stop hate crime.

Theresa Anderson

Theresa Anderson said:

I really love Bioluminescence! For a charity, I’d love to see a dementia charity chosen as it has affected both my mother & mother-in-law. Thanks!

Eden Hansen

Eden Hansen said:

Oh my! It’s so hard to pick.. I really really love Shaman Soyuz! So pretty!
As for donations, there is a hospital here in Oregon and they have a program to help people pay medication, housing while families are in the hospital, gas cards for pediatric patients with Cystic Fibrosis


Kate said:

I would love to see you donate to the Red Cross!

Maria Gavin

Maria Gavin said:

Morning embes is beautiful!
Any animal charity works for me!

Christina W

Christina W said:

I really like radon and crystal violet!
A charity worth considering is “Girls, not Brides”.

Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway!

Lara Fleischer

Lara Fleischer said:

I love Crushed Amythist! And I would say Planned Parenthood.

Iris Olafsdottir

Iris Olafsdottir said:

Seaturtle and I would like a donation to mental health

Deb Mansir

Deb Mansir said:

I don’t have any of your yarns but look forward to the Christmas box I am getting. O would pick a mental health charity

Christine McDowell

Christine McDowell said:

STELLAR QUASIPARTICLE I love it soooo much. The Ronald McDonald house is where I’d donate. They helped my cousin 💞

Teresa Knittingdancer

Teresa Knittingdancer said:

I love the Alpha Orianis and Vitis Vinifera. I would like Doctors without Borders for a new charity.

Karen Cunningham

Karen Cunningham said:

Crushed Amethyst. I love purple.

Giraffe Conservation Fund. I love giraffes 😊

Andrea Haigh

Andrea Haigh said:

Bioluminescence – I love colour change yarn and that combination is gorgeous. I would love you to support Blurtitout.org the mental health charity as they are struggling at the moment.


Wendy said:

Congrats one you first anniversary!!!
‘Not your Grandma’s Plutonium’ is my favourite !!

Cat Treadwell

Cat Treadwell said:

I love your red. Vitis Vinifera – and not least because it sounds like a Harry Potter spell 😊

I’d suggest MIND again (as their work is sorely needed), but trust you to find a smaller alternative if a lesser-known but equally hard-working cause is found. Big love, guys x

Rachel Picksley

Rachel Picksley said:

My favourite colourway is Crushed Amethyst, I love a purple. I would like to see Guide Dogs For The Blind as a future charity.

Anna Ridley

Anna Ridley said:

My favourite colourway is Little Fluffy Clouds – I so love a beautiful, moody grey :)

The charity I would suggest is Shelter – so many people face sleeping rough, and with the cold weather approaching, it’s awful to contemplate.

Nadine R Bongio

Nadine R Bongio said:

I love the colorway Eratic Engineer. Due to the unbelievable damage caused by Hurricane Doriane, I would give to the Red Cross. Congrats on your 1st year anniversary!


Emmi said:

My favourite colourway is Jupiter’s Storm – it’s the first one I HAD to buy from you guys 🖤
I’d pick Centre Point or any other charity focused on helping those currently without a home.


Brittney said:

I love Bonkers Biologist. Bloody Good Period or another type of charity to help people in need.


Emilia said:

Favourite colour way is altostratus and the charity I would support is the Woodland Trust.


Judy said:

I love sea turtles… and the charity would be mind. Seeing that you support them anyway ❤️ Amazing


Kim said:

Happy 1st birthday!
My favorite colorway is Not your grandma’s plutonium! The charity id choose is Women on Wings


Gale said:

I love Adamantium and any local cancer charity would be my choice…

Kate Hodge

Kate Hodge said:

my favourite is BIOLUMINESCENCE. My chosen charity is Cats Protection


Wiktoria said:

I like Insane Reaction colourway a lot and charity I would like to see being supported is Bloody Good Period. It provides sanitary products to people who cannot afford them and provides long term menstrual education.

Kirsten Findlay

Kirsten Findlay said:

I think my favourite is the unknown equation! A charity I have supported for quite a long time is Central Advococy Partners. They provide advocacy and support to people with learning disabilities to help them take part in their community and live independently.

Evin @freckledpast

Evin @freckledpast said:

I love Sea Turtle. For charities, I feel the work of Barettstown and the Seriously fun camps is important and worthwhile. https://www.barretstown.org/

Jen McCartney

Jen McCartney said:

I love EUCLIDEAN SPACE and the charity I love to support is guide dogs for the blind xx

Terri Miles

Terri Miles said:

I love Sapphyrin. I also support dogs for wounded warriors. The dogs understand the human hurt and love us through it.

Shelley Bedford

Shelley Bedford said:

Unicorn Fart is awesome!

Id say a great charity is the sick children’s Trust who help with Housing for family while there children are in hospital, they help up and down the country with a free place to sleep and direct phone lines to the hospital so your never more than 5 minutes away.
They let me spend a month with my 16 year old sister just before she passed away. Something I would have never been able to afford to do in a hotel.


Kathryn said:

My fav colorway is Rayleigh Scattering as evidenced in my latest purchase 😊. I would like to see donations made to either foundations for battered women and children or animal rescue. Thank you!

Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie Martinez said:

Phunky Physicist is so lovely!!

A charity that I love is Mitochondrial Foundation. My niece is four years old and has a fatal mitochondrial disease so its dear to me.

Tamara Caruana

Tamara Caruana said:


I’m not uk based. My favorite Maltese charity is puttinu cares 💖 it helps a lot of cancer patients especially children 💞


Bethany said:

Such a difficult question as all your colourways are amazing but bioluminessence is just beaut.

I suggest Alzheimer’s society as a charity to support. They do great work.

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