It's been a while since we added anything here, but thought we better add an update on the charity donations raised for MIND as well as more details on our new charity.

We supported MIND for a few months and in total we have raised £1209 and this does not include the donations yet to come from our Advent Calendars / 12 Days of Xmas Kits - but if we say that we anticipate donating a minimum of £2000 more in November then this raises our total for this great charity to >£3000 which is impressive.

So thank you all so very much for supporting this crazy idea of ours.


New Charity

As of the 1st July 2019 our charity changed to Celia Hammond Animal Trust - this is a charity close to us as its where we rescued all 4 of our owners from.

The charity has a few locations - Canning Town, Lewisham and a farm in Hastings where all feral / semi ferals that can't be homed go to live. Our 4 came from Lewisham and we can't praise the work they do enough.

To see more details on what this fabulous organisation does please see more details on their website here

As we have not shared pics of our 4 on this site yet - we thought this was an appropriate time to share some pics of them now and not long after we first got them all.

The 2 tabbies - Loki (bottom left) and Maia (top right) we got as 4 month old kittens but just over a year later we went back and rescued Rhea (top left) and Nyx (bottom right)

Nyx and Rhea were about 9 months old when we got them, underfed and afraid of Scott so seeing how they are now just over 6 years later is quite a contrast

Before Pic's - Loki and Maia ~ 5 months old and Rhea & Nyx ~10 months

Now - as 8 year olds (Maia & Loki) and nearly 7 year olds (Rhea & Nyx)

 If you would like to suggest a future charity please feel to drop us an email at the following address



July 29, 2019 — Michelle Idiens

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