We officially opened our online shop and started this venture a year ago (6th Sept) and can’t believe all that we have achieved and the amount we have managed to raise for all our selected charities

In the last year we have managed to raise a total of £2605 which has been shared between the following charities

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Badger Trust

MIND - The Mental Health Charity

Celia Hammond Animal Trust

In addition which will count towards next years total we have raised a staggering £2000 for MIND from the Advent Calendars themselves

Therefore I think we can say without a doubt that the total for next years charity donations will easily beat this years numbers

As a little thank you to everyone who has made a purchase from us this year and any who buy from us over the weekend we will add your name to a random draw and 1 of you will get a little thank you giftcard to use against anything in our shop now or in the future

So what about the giveaway?

For your chance to win a 12 Days of Xmas Kit with the extra mystery skein and a large project bag please answer the following question in the comments section of this post by Midnight 9th September 2019 BST

What is your favourite colourway and what charity would you like us to consider donating to in the future (Does not need to be UK based)

Your details will only be used to contact you in the event that you are the winner who will be chosen randomly and this is open worldwide

September 06, 2019 — Michelle Idiens


Regina Adams

Regina Adams said:

I love sapphyrin! So pretty, and I’m a September birthday, too! I would say Doctors without Borders or Partnership for Drug Free Kids. Both do such important work.

Siobhan Keogh

Siobhan Keogh said:

Unicorn Fart is just my style right now! Hospice or homecare services are the most valuable services out there with people doing amazing work with little money. When I can I also try help homeless services who again do amazing work.

Cheryl Briggs

Cheryl Briggs said:

You have so many beautiful colors! I guess I’d pick Krypton, it’s a gorgeous green!

My charity choice would be Chihuahua Rescue Indiana. They are small, have all chihuahuas in foster homes. It’s where we got our dog from. We now volunteer with them whenever we can. Chihuahuas are second most euthanized dog behind Pit bulls.

Kim Hammond

Kim Hammond said:

I love Bioluminesance its stunning!

It would be great if you considered donating to MS charities or maybe a hospice like Sue Ryder. I lost my dad to MS and Sue Ryder were fantastic


Joelle said:

Not your grandma’s Plutonium is just lovely. My charity would either be Mermaids or MSF


Pauline said:

I love crystal violet. A charity close to my heart is Parkinson’s UK, I lost my granny to this disease a couple of years ago, it’s a truly debilitating disease and it deserves more recognition.

Sarah Rothwell

Sarah Rothwell said:

Happy birthday. Crystal violet is my definite favourite. Such depth of colour and it didn’t bleed AT ALL.

Any local hospice would be great. For me I would pick St David’s hospice because they were great with my dad, but they all do such an amazing job and all deserve support.


Debbie said:

Happy birthday you guys 💞

I think Apoplectic Astronomer is absolutely stunning…right up my street. A possible new charity for you is Whizz Kids who do great things for children and young adults who are long-term wheelchair users 😀

Zoe Steel

Zoe Steel said:

Your morning embers colourway has always been my favourite, such depth of colour 😍
Air ambulance charities in the UK are definitely always in need!
Thank you for such a lovely giveaway, and congratulations on raising so much money this year!


Samantha said:

I’m in love with Crystal Violet. I’d love to see it on a sick base. I’d like to support Just Like Us or the Alzheimer’s Society


Ashley said:

It’s hard to choose a favorite but I do love Pacific Dreams! I would love if you donated to Pediatric Stroke Warriors. They are based in the US. One of the things they do that I love is send out Warrior bags and Brave Boxes to newly diagnosed kids and their families to help them adjust and cope with diagnosis. My daughter had a stroke before birth and I would have loved if this organization was around to draw support from. I would love to see them continue to grow and be able to impact more families!


Gillian said:

Happy birthday!! So exciting to watch you grow! I love “not your grandma’s plutonium” and a charity is as hard to choose as a favorite yarn!! I’m not based in the UK so maybe Doctors Without Borders?


Mary said:

Happy first year, I hope you have many many more good ones.
I love the Element – Dk – Quasiparticle the colours are so gorgeous.
I knit for preemie baby’s at our local hospital, but also support MIND so that would be great helping them. Any charity really as they all do such good work and every little help is always appreciated.


Kay said:

Oh there are just so many! Right now my new favorite is erratic engineer and this surprises me. The bright spots throughout makes me smile. Brilliant!
Tiny Kittens in Canada or Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards said:

I love not your grandmas plutonium and fractional distillation for another glass houses! I also have shattered realm on the table deciding what to add it to a sooo many possibilities. Clic would be good as I work with children and have seen what good work they do or a dementia charity.


Carole said:

Choosing a favourite is difficult but I do love Jovian Moonrise 😁

If we are not restricted to UK, I have started to support El Pasoans Fighting Hunger who provide meals to the hungry via their community partners – $50 will provide 350 meals. I realise that this is very regional, but we have to start somewhere.


AN said:

Parallax view and/or morning embers. Doctors without Borders does good work.

Jo Smith

Jo Smith said:

Happy Birthday 🥳

Easy my favourite(s) have to be Xenon and Mad Scientist!! Currently using them together on the final section of my garter breeze shawl and it’s screaming colour and fun at me. I’m actually looking forward to winter so I can dazzle passers-by with my bright colours. It’ll be like screaming in people’s faces with my mouth shut 🤣.

I love buying my wool from you because of your charitable donations. Knit for Peace would be an apt charity. knitforpeace.org.uk

Keep up the good work!!!


Yvonne said:

I really like Crazy Chemist and Bonkers Biologist, because I sometimes feels both bonkers and crazy when I’m teaching chemistry and biology.

I like to support Wi-skogen in Sweden, it’s a agroforestry project in Africa. It plants trees that works at fire wood, food for cattle, fruit, it supports education and smal farms.


SuperM said:

Picking a favorite is hard! I am enchanted by Not Your Grandma’s Plutonium and Phunky Physicist is right up my alley colorwise (in spite of actually being a Bonkers Biologist myself). Not that I don’t have a bunch of other favorite colors or anything…
I’ve been supporting Doctors Without Borders/MSF for a long time and think they do really excellent work. I also really like World Kitchen, which provides meals in the aftermath of disasters all over the world.
See, I couldn’t narrow anything down to just one — love the yarns you’re dyeing and it’s probably a good thing for the size of my stash that shipping to the US is high enough that I have to think before I click :)


Denise said:

My favorite would be crushed amethyst because it is both my birthstone and a most beautiful purple. My most favorite of all though is a marvelous cake called “made for you” which is a delightful yarn baby, and one i love to pet regularly. So far i’ve Been afraid to knit it up because i like it so much. We have a lot of charities in need here in the states, mostly because of the orange horror who embarrasses our country daily, with his racist and hateful policies. Not that i’m Opinionated about this or anything like that! RAICES is an organization that I donate to regularly because of the work they do to support immigrants To this country, and who are bring treated in a way that is simply horrific. I love that buying yarn has supported so many worthy charities, and appreciate so much what the Mad Scientists are doing to help the world!


Amanda said:

I love blue vitriol and a charity to consider is red panda network. They do amazing work trying to save the beautiful, endangered red pandas. Another charity is eternal wish based out of Milwaukee, Wi. They’re dedicated to giving wisconsin adults who are terminally ill a last dying wish. Today is my mom’s birthday, and when she was alive they took her to a Packers game where she got to see the game and meet Aaron Rodgers. It was a fantastic opportunity. They do magnificent work as well


Autumn said:

I really like Rayleigh Scattering (although technically I am a Crazy Chemist!)

After the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, I think a charity to help out the Bahamas would be appropriate, perhaps something like the Humane Society of Grand Bahama.


Shannon said:

Rayleigh Scattering is my favourite colour, though NYGP is a very close second.

I’d like to suggest True North Aid, which is an organization dedicated to providing humanitarian support to Canada’s indigenous populations. Some of the northern communities can be so remote that there are literally no roads by which to access them. There’s often limited access to basic things we take for granted on a daily basis, like clean water, education and sufficient housing. TNA functions on 8 foundational stones of support: self-determination, reconciliation, water, food, health, housing, hope and education. They have a number of fundraising endeavors happening year round in addition to the option to make a straight donation, and one of those is the Hearts & Hands Knit and Crochet Project, which is organized by a Canadian indie dyer (Subculture Yarn) and is intending to raise $5k and assemble 50 layette bags by the end of the year to support newborns and their mothers and families. Mothers often have to travel hundreds of miles just to give birth and have limited access to basic essentials at affordable prices, so the layette bags include two hand crafted items like hats or sweaters along with necessities like receiving blankets, burp cloths, socks, wash cloths, onsies, etc.

Sorry about the length, it’s a subject that’s important to me. Thanks for saying non-UK based charity suggestions were welcome!


Caroline said:

Vitis Vinifera and Rayleigh Scattering <3

I always love seeing educational charities – anyone bringing books and computers to kids who can’t get them otherwise.

Natalie Mangham

Natalie Mangham said:

Not your Grandma’s Plutonium! I loclve the UV colurs mixed with the soft grey.

Jimmy’s night shelter in Cambridge are always needing more donations to help offer 24/7 emergency accomodation to homeless people.

Or Naan Ku Se animal shelter in Namibia could always use more donations to help conserve the beautiful wildlife out there (cheetahs, wild dogs, baboons, lions the list goes on!)


Jillian said:

I love both Bioluminescence and Vernal Equinox so much! I’d love to see you support Mermaids.


Amanda said:

Changling is a big fave for a while now!

Our family supports Habitat for Humanity, SPLC, Planned Parenthood and RAICES, but if I had to choose, I would say RAICES. <3


Lizzie said:

I love the Rayleigh scattering!! I looked for a yarn that reminded of the night sky for ages until I finally found the perfect one here. Also Stonewall UK always needs more donations to keep their amazing work going

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