April19, Mind, Update -

Its time for our next update preview - this is primarily a Stellar update but we have added a load of OOAK skeins and test bases in limited numbers as well Full details can be found below Stellar Moon Glow Not You Grandma’s Plutonium Regolith Quasiparticle MAD Apr19-13 MAD Apr19-14 MAD Apr19-19 Continuum MAD Scientist MAD Apr19-1 Cosmic MAD Apr19-6 Fission MAD Scientist MAD Apr19-10 £18 MAD Apr19-11 £18 MAD Apr19-12 £18 Hybrid MAD Apr19-7 MAD Apr19-8 MAD Apr19-9 Singularity MAD Apr19-2 MAD Apr19-3 MAD Apr19-4 MAD Apr19-5 Alpaca / Silk / Cashmere NIckeline £20   BFL / Masham MAD...

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Charity, Mental health, Mind -

  Hi all, When we started our business last September, our main drive (aside from playing with yarn on a regular basis) was to raise money for charities that are close to our hearts.  As there were several we wanted to donate to, we decided to rotate them every 4 months, with Rainbow Trust being the first one. I'm delighted to say that we've donated a total of £1086 to Rainbow Trust, so thank you so much to all of you who've supported our business and helped donate to this wonderful charity. We had intended to switch to Celia Hammond Animal Trust next...

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