We are trying something different for our updates so that we can schedule them to appear rather than doing it manually, this means we will post details about the yarns in the update on here and as an Event on Facebook

So without much further ado here is what will be in the update


Vitis Vinifera, Cartesian Plane, Andean Sunrise, Anthozoa

Sapphyrin, Trufflehunter


Tellurium Flame, Snow Clouds, Moonlight, Little Fluffy Clouds

Hazmat, Stardust, Anemone


Vitis Vinifera, Trufflehunter

Element DK

Folding Space, Trufflehunter


Rayleigh Scattering


Cartesian Plane, Vitis Vinifera, Sapphyrin, Folding Space

Anthozoa, Andean Sunrise, Trufflehunter


Zero Point, Photonic, Old Faithful, Multiverse

Isobars, Gravity Drive, Anthozoa, Andean Sunrise



Vitis Vinifera, Tellurium Flame, Snow Clouds, Sea Turtle

Rayleigh Scattering Batch 2, Batch 1, Morning Embers, Moonlight

Little Fluffy Clouds, Anemone



Morning Embers, Rayleigh Scattering, Sea Turtle, Vitis Vinifera

Element MAD Skeins

It is now possible to purchase the skeins within the MAD Fade kits individually

Singularity / Element Bundles

Some of the yarns have been bundled up as we think they will look great together - please note that the bundles will go out of stock once individual skeins are sold and vice versa


January 14, 2019 — Michelle Idiens

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