About Us

Welcome to MAD Scientist Yarns, Michelle and I hope you find something you like! 

So, the $64000 question – who are we and why did we decide to start a yarn dyeing business?

We are 2 scientists who used to work in contract testing laboratories and who are currently owned by 4 rescue cats.

We worked in contract testing laboratories for most of our careers to date, so science has always been a passion, the downside was that they were very stressful roles and we never really made the time to get into any out of work activities / hobbies. 

Michelle’s always had a love of yarn and when our circumstances changed over the past couple of years, she was finally able to dive head first into this world and hasn’t looked back since. 

For my part, I supported her and went along to festivals, the first of which was Yarndale where I learned that I was called an ‘enabler’. 

The more festivals we went too, the more I could see Michelle’s growing passion for indie dyed yarn and overtime I became interested in the artistry of it as well.

After returning from Edinburgh Yarn Festival, we had an 'Eureka' moment whilst squishing all the newly acquired stash. We were lamenting on the skeins we wish we had purchased and realised instead of worrying about what we had missed out on we could dye them ourselves in the exact colours we wanted.

We thought the tricky bit would be settling on a theme for our business but using science as our inspiration was an obvious choice and as we’re both pretty loopy, MAD Scientist Yarns seemed an appropriate name!!

One thing we really wanted to do is raise money for charity and we decided that for every skein sold there would be a permanent donation made to a selected charity. The hardest decision was deciding on just one, and therefore over time we will change this to others that we would love to support. 

For now our first selected charity is Rainbow Trust and £3 from every skein we sell will be donated to them to help in the good work that they do.

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Scott Idiens (the other MAD Scientist)