Look at this gorgeous new design by the talented Love, Aly

This gorgeous pattern is due for release on 21st June, but you can get in early and pre-order a kit which includes the printed pattern as an A5 booklet as well as a digital version, the required amount of yarn and an optional project bag in our DNA fabric - just tell us during checkout if you would like a drawstring or zip closure

The full kit will consist of the following (so not the exact weights of yarn pictured)

- Pattern (Printed or Electronic via Ravelry)

- Medium Project Bag (Drawstring or Zip)

- ~200g (800m) of MC (4ply)

- ~50g (200m) of CC (4ply)

- ~5g (10m) of CC2 (DK)

Yarn Options

Set Base MC - 4ply (200g) CC1 - 4ply (50g)  CC2 - DK (5g)
Original Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK Deoxyribose CTAG Nucleotide
Set 2 Element & Symbiosis DK Proxima Centauri  Trufflehunter Blue
Set 3 Symbiosis/Element  & Symbiosis DK Vitis Vinifera Trufflehunter Blue
Set 4 Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK Crystal Violet Sol Neon Yellow
Set 5 Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK p-brane Iridium Purple
Set 6 Element & Symbiosis DK Cerulean Eruption Erratic Engineer Neon Pink
Set 7 Hybrid & Symbiosis DK Muon Apoapsis Purple
Set 8 Hybrid & Symbiosis DK Sapphyrin Not Your Grandma’s Plutonium Blue
Set 9 Hybrid & Symbiosis DK Vitis Vinifera OOAK Neon Orange
Set 10 Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK Vitis Vinifera Oceanic Neon Pink
Set 11 Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK Kuiper Belt Spectroscopy Neon Green
Set 12 Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK Krypton Irradiated Neon Yellow
Set 13 Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK Night Sky Sol Blue
Set 14 Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK Plutoid Irridescent Neon Orange
Set 15 Symbiosis & Symbiosis DK Nickeline Irridescent Purple
Set 16 Stellar & Symbiosis DK MAD Batch 13June20-5 MAD Batch 13June20-6 Purple
Set 17 Stellar & Symbiosis DK Rayleigh Scattering MAD Batch 13June20-2 Neon Pink
Set 18 Stellar & Symbiosis DK Neutrino Oscillation Unicorn Fart Purple
Set 19 Stellar & Symbiosis DK Nucleosynthesis MAD Batch 13June20-4 Neon Green
Set 20 Stellar & Symbiosis DK The Void MAD Batch 13June20-2 Neon Pink


Charity Donations

From £7 will be donated to our currently selected charity for each kit sold