This listing is for you to preorder your very own set of markers.

As it is a preorder it will delay your order for dispatch by up to 2 weeks from our standard postage times

How it works - select the number of markers you require and then tell us in the respective boxes what you want them to say and whether you want them in the periodic table colours or all in 1 specific colour.

All available markers are shown in the pics in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to work out the number required. If you order more than needed we will refund the ones not needed. 

If though you do not select enough markers we will amend your order and you will receive an email requesting the additional charges.

Each marker will be fitted with a leverback fastening and be approximately 1.6cm tall excluding the fastening

Colours Available - Periodic Table depicted 

Red -Na - Alkali Metal

Orange - Mg - Alkaline Earth

Yellow - Y - Transition Metal

Dark Green - Fl - Basic Metal

Turquoise - Sb - Semimetal

Cyan - S - Nonmetal

Light Purple -Ts - Halogen

Purple - Ne - Noble Gas

Lime Green - Ce - Lanthanide

Green - Md - Actinide

Black - pi - π - Miscellaneous Items

Silver - tau - t - Miscellaneous Items

Please note: If only purchasing stitch markers we will refund any excess postage as your parcel will be able to be downgraded to a letter.

20p will be donated to our currently selected charity for each marker sold.