We announced on our social media our donation to MIND From Advent sales but here is a summary of donations made to Celia Hammond Animal Trust, Badgers Trust - Vaccination Project and MIND

Celia Hammonds Animal Trust 

We donated £140 worth of much needed kitty items to them back in August which consisted of Kitten Food, Cat Toys, Scratching Pads and even a small cat tree as these were all items on their wish list  

In addition to this we have donated an additional £514 to help them with the great work they do

The Badger’s Trust - Vaccination Programme

As we could not take part in Badgerween this year we instead made this our charity for November and we are happy to say that we donated £310 to them earlier this month to help with the cause

MIND - Mental Health Charity

We decided early on that our Advents and 12 Days of Xmas Kits would raise money for MIND and therefore we are very happy to tell you all that we made a donation of £2625 to them on the 13th December


We need to say a massive thank you to each and everyone of you who has supported us in 2019, whether it was by making a purchase or just sharing your love of what we do - without you all none of this would be possible 
January 18, 2020 — Michelle Idiens

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